The 9% Solution — O’S Winter 2015/16 Print Edition


The Journal of Cannabis in Clinical Practice

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  • Benefit of CBD too obvious to deny, US Weighs Rescheduling a Molecule  by Fred Gardner
  • THCV Plants in California —Enough to Start Breeding Up by O’S News Service
  • Adding Cannabis to the Curriculum  —editorial
  • Is Cannabis-Based Medicine a Valid —and Viable— Specialty?  An interview with Jeffrey Hergenrather, MD
  • An Introduction to the Endocannabinoid System by Dustin Sulak, DO
  • Cannabis in the Treatment of Pediatric Epilepsy by Bonni Goldstein, MD
  • CBD-Drug Interactions by Adrian Devitt-Lee 
  • Dr. Abrams’ recruitment problem: patients already know treatment helps 
  • PTSD Associated with Cannabinoid Deficits
  • Findings and Observations by Robert Sullivan, MD 
  • Dupuytren’s Contracture Resolved With Cannabis Salve by Dr. John Lovejoy
  • How Does CBD Regulate Gene Expression? by Adrian Devitt-Lee and Martin A. Lee
  • Appendino’s Advice to ICRS Scientists: ‘Consider ‘New Targets, Chemistry, Plant Sources’ 
  • The Flavonoids Unique to Cannabis 
  • Correct(ed) Vernacular Nomenclature by John McPartland
  • ICRS Highlights
  •  Treatment with cannabis and cannabinoids: practical aspects and controversies by Ethan Russo, MD 
  • Nursing home staffers document a versatile boon for the elderly from Tel Aviv (by Zach Klein) to Sonoma County (by Jeffrey Hergenrather)
  • The Nurse as Organizer —Karen Mankins 
  • CBD-rich cannabis (whole plant extract) is better medicine than single-molecule CBD 
  •  ‘Charlotte’s Web’ grown as hemp; Importers eye domestic options
  • Paige Figi pushes CBD measure in Congress;
  • ASA’s Steph Sherer backing ‘CARERS’ bill 
  • Senate Drug Caucus Investigates Political Potential of CBD
  • Breyer to DOJ: Acts of Congress Matter
  • Hemp is Closer to Indica
  • 2015 Hemp Harvest in Kentucky, Colorado, Tennesee
  • When Hemp Reigned in Kentucky
  • Harvard, Marijuana and Me by Lester Grinspoon, MD
  • Zenia Gilg’s direct challenge to marijuana’s schedule 1 status
  • Dr. O’Shaughnessy in India by Binaybhushan Ray 
  • Xerostemia AKA Cotton Mouth by Joshua Ahn
  • CannaVest
  • CBD producers meeting demand despite raids in California
  • Raphael Mechoulam is ‘The Scientist’ (Zach Klein’s new documentary)
  • ‘Savages’ Reviewed by Saul Landau 
  • Lawrence Ringo
  • Reviews: Stroup, O’Leary, Sperling autobiographies Plant Senses; Clarke & Merlin
  • Smoking the “Special Plant” in North Korea by Darmon Richter
  • Commentaries and Correspondence
  • Notes From Prison by Dustin Costa 
  • Wrestling With Self-Promoters (Werner v. Sabet)
  • Hemp Russet Mites: an appalling pest (letter from Love, note from Hillig)