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CBD from Hemp?

Hi . I am an Oregon Medical Marijuana Program member . I am taking Rick Simpson oil every night before bed to eliminate my prostate cancer ( early stage) . I do not have the lab report on this oil yet . I may be having it tested in August when I am in Portland again .

I understand that industrial hemp has a relatively  high CBD fraction (?) w/out the THC . Is this true and shouldn’t hemp oil have this CBD content ? IOWords,  can’t I buy Canadian Hemp oil or hemp ” hearts ” and get the CBD that I need ?   -Name Withheld 


Sorry for delay in getting back to you. We’re an all-volunteer effort.

Industrial hemp has more CBD than THC in it, but the overall cannabinoid content in industrial hemp is very low. There’s far less than in medicinal cannabis. So even though you get more CBD compared to THC in industrial hemp, it’s not a bountiful source of cannabidiol compared to CBD-rich cannabis (which Project CBD defines as strains that have  a minimum of 4 percent CBD).

As for the hempseed oil and powder you can get in health food stores, it’s very healthy but astringent —it dries the body—  so you have to make an effort to hydrate more when you use it. Hempseed oil is a great source of essential fatty acids, which are the building blocks of our own endocannabinoid molecules. But hemp hearts made of hempseeds don’t have CBD in them.

As far as I know, Rick Simpson’s oil is not CBD-rich. But it apparently is a potent medicine.

If you are able to access CBD-rich clones, you can make your own tinctures and butter for edibles. Otherwise a CBD-rich tincture, with consistently measurable doses of CBD:THC (6:3), is available from the Statewide Collective in California.

Please share your experiences with CBD-rich medicine by taking the survey prepared by the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, which can be accessed at cannabisclinicians.org.   – Martin A. Lee

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