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Note to Teachers re Black History Month

If you happen to be a teacher looking for a lesson plan, or a student looking for a topic on which to write a paper in connection with Black History Month,  O’Shaughnessy’s has published some original material that has not been widely publicized.  • James A. Washington was the Washington,  DC Superior Court Judge who presided over United States v. Robert Randall. It was Judge Washington’s acceptance of Randall’s “medical necessity” argument that led to the federal government’s begrudging creation of an “investigational new drug” protocol in the late 1970s.  Read James A. Washington: Unsung Hero. •  Undercover police investigators determined...

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From the Canadian Broadcasting Company

A Vancouver Island man who won an all-expenses-paid trip to the Super Bowl in New Orleans has been refused entry into the U.S. because of a marijuana possession conviction dating back to 1981… Victoria resident Myles Wilkinson won the trip in a fantasy football league contest, competing against nearly four million other players for the chance to attend the National Football League championship, featuring the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. But when he got to Pearson International Airport in Toronto on Thursday, U.S. customs agents learned of a marijuana possession conviction in Vancouver in 1981 and told...

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January 31, 2013

It’s Jackie Robinson’s birthday —a good day to keep my promise about doing a regular “Note to the SCC” on It will include items the busy cannabis clinician might have missed, such as this piece in the New York Times about the AMA reminding physicians that their first duty is to their patients, not the hospital owners. And this sad story about farmers near San Diego pulling up their avocados because it costs too much to water them. Also, correspondence like this from attorney Christine Wagner: FYI – A recent notice posted by the US Department of Transportation...

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