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The Tragedy of Kayo and Kamala

By Fred Gardner  April 5, 2013 California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris is in the news again. (Physical beauty can be a mixed blessing.) This piece, entitled “Othello at 850 Bryant,” ran in the Anderson Valley Advertiser after Harris had been elected District Attorney of San Francisco in November, 2003. She defeated DA Terence Hallinan, who was seeking a third term. The Committee on Jobs, mentioned in the lead, represents the city’s corporate elite. Kamala Harris, 39, is ambitious, smart, and tough enough to direct the cops; she could be a worthy successor to America’s most progressive DA. But Kamala...

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Papal Bull

March 18   The new pope, a Jesuit, is being billed by the media as a “moderate.” He undoubtedly is moderate compared to his predecessor, who had been in the Hitler Youth and kept that wild gleam in his eye till the end. (On his last day in office Ratzinger put a German banker in charge of the Vatican treasury.) As Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Bergoglio —now Francis— was moderately supportive of the military dictatorship during the “Dirty War” in which 30,000 Argentine citizens were killed or disappeared; also, moderately anti-woman, moderately anti-gay, moderately anti-drug legalization. The media is...

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Note to “Cannabis Activists”

Haven’t they warned you not to stray here?  Be careful now… Actually, it’s hard to stray too far when the topic is marijuana because most other topics are only one degree of separation away. Ten years ago the U.S. invaded Iraq after a public relations campaign organized by a flock of chicken hawks. Judith Miller of the New York Times came up with some of the most deceitful stories seeking to justify the invasion. We all know the result: the destruction of Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization; death and madness and suffering with no end in sight. Obviously US...

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