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May 10, 2012

From Lester Grinspoon re: Cannabis & Bipolar Disorder I just received this e-mail which I find most interesting, and not simply because it confirms my view that cannabis can be helpful to those with bipolar disorder, but as well because this man who is apparently not “educated,” is able to write so competently about the subject and because he has, on his own, discovered that a high CBD strain is probably more useful than strains dominated by THC. I have long been a fan of your straightforward, honest approach in regards to Cannabis use for the mentally ill, and have even included your article on the anecdotal evidence for Cannabis use for Bipolar Disorder, in a petition to include Bipolar Disorder or Psychotic Disorders on the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program’s list of ‘debilitating’ medical conditions. I have submitted two such petitions (the most recent, April 18th 2012) and both times have been denied access to the medicine that has changed my life and allowed me to live non-psychotically and conventional medicine free. The board continuously refers to the ‘psychotogenic’ properties of THC, and completely ignores the very real therapeutic properties (anti- psychotic properties and anxiolytic properties) of CBD. As if the risk of continuing psychosis, or early psychosis, is worse a risk than the diseases developed from conventional pharmaceuticals available today (Obesity, Diabetes, Movement Disorders, etc.). The submission...

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May 9, 2012

From Todd McCormick: Thanks to Ben Dronkers and family It has been said that a picture’s worth 1000 words, so consider these 500 photographs a 50,000 word summary of why I am so impressed with this new Hemp Museum Gallery in Barcelona. For it is contributions such as Ben Dronkers magnificent hemp collection that brings us back to our history and the culture that is Cannabis. Many of us in the movement have been deeply inspired by the work of Ben Dronkers and his entire family. What he is giving back to us is indeed our own history and with it, a great window into the culture that is surrounding Cannabis on a global level. Please feel free to share this picture link of the photographs with anybody you like. I will add more photographs of today’s award ceremony with Sir Richard Branson to the album in the coming days. Enjoy,...

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May 8, 2012

From Ethan Russo: CBD & Schizophrenia An important paper that should have been out years ago. [Sent with the pdf to “Cannabidiol enhances anandamide signaling and alleviates psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia” by FM Leweke and Daniele Piomelli et al.]   From Todd McCormick in Barcelona Sometimes a photo is worth a thousand words: picture link Enjoy, Todd   From Jay Bergstrom: Law Journal Treats “the issue” Seriously The intriguing table of contents and a link to the law review published by the University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law (volume 15 fall 2011 number 1). A decade after drug decriminalization: what can the United States learn from the Portuguese model? by Jordan Blair Woods The politics of exclusion in California’s marijuana reform movement by Brooke Mascagni The kingpin act vs. California’s compassionate use act: the dubious battle between state and federal drug laws by Sumeet H. Chugani and Xingjian Zhao Again and again we suffer: the poor and the endurance of the “war on drugs” by Brian Gilmore Rise of the pills Ken Lammers, Jr. What would it look like if we cared about narcotics trafficking? An argument to attack narcotics capital rather than labor by Mark Osler Breaking free from insanity: a white-collar crime approach to drug war policy Thanks, Jay.  It’s always promising to see quotation marks used around the term “war on drugs,” the way Brian...

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